posted by Amy on Oct 4

In mid-July I learned the cancer had spread to my brain, Symptoms included double vision and balance/gait problems.  I had 5 radiation treatments, ending in early August. I  am quite disabled now—housebound and wheelchair bound. I am very fatigued. I have not slept this much since infancy.

This might be the beginning of the end. I hope not. I might have some good quality time left. But I think “hope for the best; expect the worst” is a good approach here.

I am naturally upbeat and optimistic, and I’m good at compartmentalizing my worries, I have never forgotten I’m living with a terminal, incurable illness. Just because I’ve beaten the odds so far does not tell me how much more time I have. Cancer can turn on a dime.

Be good to one another. Take nothing for granted, Be grateful, And stay in the light.

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